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Boiler features and benefits


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Boiler features and benefits

Wall hung gas boiler 10-advantage safety protection

1.png Anti-freezing protection
 When the temperature of circulating water is lower than 6℃,the water pump automatically running. At that time, the combustor runs at the lowest power.When the temperature reaches 20 6℃,the combustor stops running.
3.png Bypass protection device of water pump
When the main heat supply loop is closed by accident and the water way circulation stops,the bypass valve automatically open to protect the system and water pump.
5.png Limiting temperature protection device
When the water temperature reaches limit,the combustion protectional valve will be closed and the system stops running.
7.png Heat supply system water pressure protection device
When the pressure of system water is above 3 bar, safety valve will automatically open for reducing of pressure.
9.png Flame-out protection device
When the combustor quenches by accident, gas proportional valve will be closed automatically.

Anti-High voltage disturbing protection
Avoiding the pulse igniter 15KV high voltage to cause the control system damage;and avoiding the unstable voltage to cause unstable control system.
4.png Lock-proof function of water pump
In every 24hours of standby, the water pump runs automatically for one minute, effectively preventing waterway blocking, and water pump seizing.

Flow monitoring device of main loop
When the flow of main loop is too low or the circulation water stop by accident,the system will be automatically closed.

8.png Air pressure protection device
When the fan doesn't work, or the flue pipe is blocked, or the air pressure is too high, combustion will automatically stop.
10.png Water temperature sensor failure protection
When the heating or hot water temperature sensor get failure, the error code occurs.

Wall gas boiler 8 advantage

11.png Digital Control
When large scale integrated circuit, system operation is controlled by digital techniques. Heating and living hot water temperature is input digitally is adjusted automatically, so it its energy-saving and safe. Indoor temperature control can be connected.
13.png Priority on living hot water
The high-efficient composite busing heat exchanger with unique process improves the reliability of system. Heating water and sanitary water is divided strictly and the temperature can be set freely. Principles of priority on heating water can be guaranteed.
15.png Constant Temperature
It is designed special flow stabilized mount for living hot water system. When the water pressure is in fluctuation to cause flow change, the temperature of output water is constant and it can be effective to prevent the water from being cold at one time and being hot at another time.
17.png Energy-saving
The combustion chamber adapts import high-efficiency heat insulation Morgan porcelain plate which is energy-saving and the thermal efficiency can reach above above 90%;it choose the intelligent room temperature controller researched by our company, so it can save fuel gas above 10%.
12.png Safe
With close gas supply and exhaust design, this product gets fresh air for combustion from outdoor, and the waste gas is exhaust outdoor through double-layer with same axis gas supply and exhaust pipe. Such design can ensure safety. Combustion chamber is totally isolated from other components, in this way it can effectively prolong the service life of electric component.
14.png Environment protection
Negative enhanced combustion technology changes the air flow direction, is this way more air can be combusted and the combustion is complete. The CO content in the waste gas is lower than 0.01% so it is environment protection. 
16.png Close system
With close waterway design and build-in expansion water tank,the circulating hot water is totally isolated from atmospheric air,so it is hard to form scum and if can reduce the corruption of heat supply system.
18.png Floor heating
Be equipped with special computer chip for floor heating, especially used for floor heating.