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Jason Strength

Technical team strength
Jason Strength company has professional R & D team, equipped with advanced R & D testing equipment, with the domestic first-class R & D center and its accompanying engineering laboratory for the company's product development, production, application and quality of service provided system security, and many times the boiler products made significant improvements in revolutionary technological innovation and functionality.

As a gas with a professional production of key enterprises, scientific and technological innovation is the driving force of our development, technology-driven company committed to research and development of high-tech products, we try to provide the community with high-quality, advanced, innovative, environmentally friendly products.

The quality control system
1、Controller system workshop began production in 2010, with advanced production technology and testing equipment, to produce reliable and durable product.


▲Electronics assembly plant

2、Strictly controls incoming inspection and production process;according to the GB25034-2010 to ensure product factory qualified rate 100%.


▲Workshop Quality Inspection


▲Full-performance integrated testing ▲Flue gas analyzer          ▲Gas Chromatograph

Productivity advantages
The company have international first-class fully automated assembly line, equipped with advanced automatically intelligent test equipment, test instrument,  annual output can reach 250000 units, it achieved a major breakthrough in the discovery of our capacity.


▲Workshop automatic balers              ▲Workshop automatic sealing and strapping machine


▲Automated assembly line production workshop     ▲Workshop production line


▲Warehouse corner                  ▲Warehouse corner

Management Advantage
he Company pursue the "With cultural cohesion, with a mechanism to motivate people, people with institutional constraints "scientific management of guaranteed quality, quality and benefit" of the quality and development.The production process strictly enforce GB25034-2010 standard, and to the ISO9001:2000 quality management system as guarantee, to ensure that the products are the comprehensive control parameters. First-class production and testing capabilities, combined with strict modern scientific management, to guarantee the product quality.

Sales Advantage
Jason company has more than 20 OEM partner in domestic market,the ptrodut throughout the country, and has set up a nationwide sales technical service team; at the same time, products are exported to Europe and Asia countries: Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey and so on. Export rate is more than 50% of the total sales.

Jason company is also numerous and well-known enterprises no matter in domestic or international for OEM manufacturers.


▲Sales Network